Common queries

» What is the difference between Himalayan Rock Salt and ordinary salt?
The ordinary salt is extracted by the refining process usually only of sodium and chlorine, i.e. all other essential minerals and trace elements were removed. The rock salt from the Himalaya contains 74 soluble minerals in organic form. The rock salt is free from harmful substances, e.g. aluminium silicate.

» Commitment to society
We work towards the continuous progress of the company and its environment in a sustainable fashion.

Commercial Inquiries

» I’m interested in selling your products in my region. Please advise!
Please contact our marketing department at specifying which country and products you intend to sale.

» What are the benefits in being your Agent / Distributor.
We analyze trends and the needs of society to develop suitable products and designs, using cutting-edge technology.No competitor

» As per our company policy, no other Distributor/Agent can import our products other than our distributors in their area so no other competitor is there. If any inquiry comes to us from your area it is forwarded to you.
Your Publicity

» Distributors/Importers name may be printed on packing.
Easy Import

» As we manufacture many products, distributors can order an assortment of items from our supply list in one container.
Get export benefits

» If you would like to export any product, we can assist you by using our marketing network. For other country marketing network please enquire.
Price Benefits

» We offer special price discounts to our distributors on orders. Extra benefits are given on achieving sales target.
Special Packaging

» As per requirement of our distributor we can modify our packaging. (Printing Language, design of packing, quantity packed, among others).
Become First

» When we introduce any new product, first preference is given to our present distributors to cater to their local market and be the first one.

» Can we market our products through your marketing channel?
You can market your products using our marketing network. For more details on product and country of your interest, please contact us.